Food Cans Masters


To go with the theme of Hobos and $FOOD, we will use the term Cans(from food cans) for our Food Cans Master game

The FCM game will be based on tickets that will be called going forward "Cans", tickets that will be distributed at mint, at token presale and via other activities detailed in different sections below.

There will be a starting Cans supply of 30.000 and these are distributed as follows:

  • 10.000 for NFTs, each NFT will get 1 Can allocated at mint

  • 10.000 for Token presale. There will be a hard cap and 1 Can will be allocated per (TBD) AVAX spent on presale. Remaining Cans, if any will be added to treasury.

  • 10.000 for Treasury. These will be used to reward different activities or games. At the moment of splitting the pot, Cans that are in the treasury will not be considered in the pot calculations.

Funding the pot

  • 50% of minting funds

  • 40% of token presale funds

  • Sell Cans to holders

  • 2% of the total of 5% Royalties

  • AVAX raffles where 20% of the funds go to final pot

  • Raffle platform where other collections can do their raffles and we take 10% commission that goes to Final Pot

  • 1% of Sell volume from Buy me Food Token

  • Whatever more ideas we get on the way

Game Mechanics

Managing the Cans

This will be done by the team based on blockchain data and any other planned activity results. A leaderboard will be update on our site weekly.

Cans movement

Initial Distribution:

  • Cans are initially distributed to wallets that mint NFTs. Each mint includes one Can.

  • For the "Buy Me Food" Token presale, each specified AVAX amount spent comes with a Can.

NFT Transactions:

  • Selling an NFT: The seller loses 1 Can, and the buyer gains 1 Can.

  • Transfer Rules: Transferring an NFT does not transfer the Can. Keep NFTs in the original wallet to retain eligibility for the final pot.

Pricing Penalties:

  • Listing Below Mint Price: If an NFT is listed below the public mint price, the lister loses 2 Cans per NFT, regardless of sale outcome or listing duration. Detected listings will result in immediate Can removal.

Can Reduction:

  • Monthly Burn: 5% of the total Can supply is burned monthly. Remaining Cans are rounded up (e.g., 23.7 Cans rounded to 28).

  • Treasury Exemption: Cans in the treasury are exempt from burning.

Purchasing Additional Cans:

  • Cans can be bought from the treasury if holders run out, at 20% of the floor price or a minimum of 0.05 AVAX per Can.

  • Requirements: Holders must own at least 1 Hobos Forever NFT and can buy up to 5 Cans per NFT, with a total limit of 10,000 Cans plus any unsold presale Cans. No sales will occur once circulation falls below 1,500 Cans.

Trading Rewards:

  • Weekly Rewards: Top 5 trading wallets (buy/sell NFTs and Tokens) are rewarded weekly with Cans (2 for the top wallet, 1 for the others). Further details on eligible NFT marketplaces will be provided soon.

How we reduce Cans supply?

Monthly Burn:

  • A scheduled 5% burn of the circulating Can supply (excluding the treasury).

Price Penalty:

  • If an NFT is listed below the public mint price, Cans are burned as a penalty.

Weekly Games:

  • Players bet 1 Can per entry. The winner receives 50% of the Cans, with the rest being burned.

Weekly Raffles:

  • Enter raffles using Cans for prizes like NFTs, AVAX, or rare Hobos NFTs. Depending on the raffle, 50% to 100% of the Cans used are burned.

Silent Auctions:

  • Conduct weekly silent auctions where the highest bidder wins NFTs or AVAX. All auctioned Cans are transferred to the treasury and excluded from circulation.

Vault Purchases:

  • Buy Hobos Forever NFTs from the vault for 4 Cans each, removing these Cans from circulation.

Tracking Cans

We have this leaderboard in place that is updated weekly -

Final Pot distribution

The final pot will be distributed once only 1000 or less Can remains. At this point, only the Can holders will have a say in voting if we should distribute the pot or not. They need to also hold at least 1 Hobos NFT and x amount of tokens per 5 Cans to be eligible.

Get out early

Once we minted out and get the presale of the Buy me Food Tokendone, we will start the FCM game and you will be able to claim your share of the pot at any moment. Each Can will have a certain value. The less Cans in the game, the bigger the value.

If you want to get out of the Final pot game, you can do so by selling ALL your cans to us and get your share of the pot at the value on that moment. You cannot sell parts of it, you will need to sell ALL at once. Like this you can get out of the game at any moment if you think this is not for you!

The value of a Can is calculated as follows => Final pot / number of cans still in the game

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