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Steampunk pets had such an impact on Hobos that all of them wanted one. That is how these AI generated pets came to live. If you want to know the story behind these pets and how they come to be, please check The story

Supply: 1234

Plans with the mint funds:

  • Been "original" and bought enough Pixel Sweepers to be able to raffle 1 every week for at least 80 weeks. Every Hobos Pet will be an entry to the Pixel Raffle. This started December 3rd 2022. 80 Pixels purchased and staked for raffle. Will buy extra to trade and make some profit to be able to buy more NFTs for the other raffles as well. So whatever is extra 80 Pixels are not included in the raffle.

  • We bought 150 $Cake, lock it and bought the same amount of $Cake for IFOs. In total 300 $Cake has been purchased. This is to have another source of funds for the project to keep it fun for you. Will stake the other half into other tokens pool to get it work for us and make funds to buy more NFTs or add new features to our website while waiting for a new IFO.

  • Improve staking for better end user experience Staking is not available anymore

  • more as we go and see the need. Too much info provided ahead of time proved to hurt the project, so I will release info as we go. List/trade/rarity

Rarity and recommended to buy from: Rareboard Bit5 Trade: Element


Weekly Pixel Sweeper raffle - Each HobosOnBSC Pets NFT is a raffle ticket to the weekly Pixel Sweeper NFT raffle. Each Pet gives you 1234 to 1 chance to win per week.

If same wallet wins 2 weeks in a row it will be taken out from the raffle for 6 weeks to give others a chance.

Each Saturday at 14:00 UTC the winner will be picked automatically by a TG Bot based on the Pet ID owned. We will randomly select one Pet ID and the holder will win the Pixel Sweeper.

πŸ† 1 winner weekly

As the main goal of holding a Pixel is to get a Squadie and better rank Pixels give you better chances (not by much, but more is more), for the start of the raffles I will select the Pixel for the prize from Pixels with rarity that is 5000 and up. Once we are done with those, we will then raffle 2000 to 5000 and once those are gone, the rest of best ones.

The prize will also be selected via Spinner wheel by inserting the Pixel IDs in the list and spin it.

Will continue to trade and get as many better rarity Pixels as I can but will never refuse a Bid on a good rank one that will provide us with the chance to buy another Pixel + other NFTs as well with that bid money. Extra NFTs will go to the other raffles NFT pots. Winner will be selected automatically using a VFX Bot that we pay a service fee of 0.01 BNB for every draw so we paid that for an year (Transaction here).

The story

Life was going as usual for our dear Hobos. A few worked their craft everyday, to the best of their abilities, providing, at least, the bare minimum for their families, as others, well... dwelled in their own misery; tipsy and absent-minded, in their backyards, yearning for something even they refused to admit they wanted for themselves.

They felt lonely...

After their wonderous visit "in between" dimensions, the memory of the Steampunk Owners and their Pets left many Hobos pondering on whether there was any chance for them to have one of those themselves. But, refusing to admit the truth by doubting their own feelings, they, once again, found themselves sitting alone wondering to "what if".

The thought, however, over time, started getting obsessive, eating their minds like a parasite. The more they tried to oppose the feeling of loneliness in their hearts, the persistent the desire of having a pet became.

They didn't want any fancy Steampunk-Metal Companion. They yearned for a friend - a ever-loving one, in fact. A friend with whom they could share a deep bond of unconditional love, care and joy; a companion to talk to when nobody else is there to listen.

Days passed by and the desire subject began spreading all around the Hood.

A few weeks back, a rainbow colored skin Hobo, named Joseph, began leaving home, by routine. There was not once that he would've left the house a minute earlier or later than 11 AM sharp.

Suspecting him of unfaithfulness and gambling, one day, Josephina decided to follow him around. She was incredulous about his behavior the past weeks. Always coming home worn out and never in the mood for anything anymore... only the worst could've passed trough her head.

Hiding and awaiting behind a rainbow patched cardboard home, for Joseph to enter the tent, Josephina followed him immediately after, prepared to accuse and catch him in the act. But, there she stood frozen up at the entry with the eyes wide opened, trying to understand what she just saw.

It was absolutely vacant... There was nothing... No one... Nada! And, no!... No Joseph, either..

Deep in shock, Josephina felt the strength in her legs giving up as she sat down on the grass, looking terrified into nothingness.

With tears streaming down her face she eventually fell asleep out of exhaustion and panic. However, after a good couple of hours, as the light outside began dimming into evening, the creaking sound of metal awakened her.

Grimacing at the unpleasant sound, she opened her eyes only to be met with the sight of her beloved boyfriend Joseph, exiting from a mysterious underground tunnel manifested out of thin air. Slamming the metal door shut behind him, the Portal disappeared back in the grass leaving no trace behind it, like was never there.

Now, she understood where he had disappeared, but even more questions started invading her mind: 'Where was that Portal leading towards?'

'How did Joseph knew about it and what was he even doing at the other side of the tunnel?'

'Why was it everyday, specifically at the same time?'

Now, to understand it better, Josephina... we got to rewind a little..

Remember when the subject about having a pet Companion began spreading around like rabies? Yeah... These mini conversations and discussions eventually reached the ears of the Owners.

The Owners, were an advanced civilization that once in their Past, morphed from being a Hobo into a Steampunk being. As you know the saying "Once a Hobo, always a Hobo...", the Owners sympathized with their late bloomers. Thus, they decided to find a way of gifting the Hobos their own "companions".

At first, they had sent out their Steampunk Pets to catch and bring any little living thing they could've find, so they could analyze, whether their DNA would've been able to be reproduced genetically in their methods, giving at least a slight chance of creating a "pet" similar to the regular animals.

Been there... done that... Right?

Well, it was not so easy it seems as they could not make that DNA held in all their tests. So the Owners decided to involve their own Steampunk Pets into it.

Remember their ability to probe any living thing and reproduce their shape? That came in handy, as they started to probe all the creatures they could've find. Although, the often they would've come back to the surface, to take creatures for probation, the curious the Hobos would've become.

Therefore, to avoid any other suspicions, they decided to assign a couple few Hobos to aid them in bringing down, a creature for probation, everyday. That's right. There were many others, like Joseph, who used the mysterious under tunnel, at a different, yet specific time, everyday; in a different, yet specific tent.

The Owners built an underground tunnel-lab system that interconnected with each tent to the Main Lab. But, still, they did not want any Hobo to stumble upon one another, so they decided to create a specific schedule for each, so they can enter the Lab and bring the creatures without meeting each other. So many tests were done, yet so little were successful... The tests were harmless for the creatures, as they would've got released back into the wild, only to be marked as "Failed Test" with a collar that would've eventually degrade itself in a month. Yes owners had that technology, that is why their universe was so green with almost no pollution

The Owners tried recreating and cloning their own Steampunk Companions, only to end create beings alike them but never able to give them life. After months of testing and probating, one of the Owners realized that the conditions in the Hobo World were different from their Steampunk's. The AIR was not the same. The particles contained in the Hobo Atmosphere had a completely different molecular structure. Discovery that caused them to reconsider the design of their Steampunk "Pets" and instead use the regular Hobos world one. However, with a slight difference - Protonium Charcolate - a little white crystal sphere. A substance similar to Hobo world crystal, but different in substance and... proprieties? 😬

This Crystal was unlike any other. Its containing proprieties triggered the awakening of supernatural abilities in the wearer.

Thus, using the Protonium Charcolate as an additional component within the creatures, the Owners were able to create a wonderous Pet, special and unique for their fellow Hobos.

The main component was integrated within a special talisman, resembling a snow ball which was eventually encrusted with P.C-Crystal. Shortly, Steampunk Crystal awakens some awesome powers in the pets.

Hmhm..Excuse me.. Where do I sign in? I want some of that myself..πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

To be easily identified for which power the newly generated Companion, possesses, the Owners inserted a different pigmentation serum to differentiate each ability the pets got.

🌈Rainbow: The most cherished in making, were the Rainbows, created to honor Joseph, the first ever hobo that helped with this project. They were able to put a rainbow on anything; not to mention, the ability of changing any color in the one desired.

πŸ”ŽGlass: As Hobos loved drinking, the empty bottles started to became a problem, since most of them were to damn lazy to clean after themselves. Hobos were a vegetating mess now. They were not so active with recycling anymore and the bottles were just pilling up into a load of old shit.

Seeing this unfortune, the Owners decided to try the impossible and create Pets from these bottles and so they did. They might've not been many, but now a bunch of Glassers were getting generated in the Lab.

Made out of glass, the Owners saw the opportunity of bestowing them with the ability of invisibility. A great one really, when you want to get something from your neighbor backyard without being seen... Just sayin'... :)

πŸ”₯Fire: As glass usually needs a very high temperature to be melted and molded, the Lab had got upgraded and equipped with powerful ovens. However, in the making of the Glassers, resulted the Burners, another kind of Pet.

To the Owners surprise, the Glasser DNA mixed with the gaseous substance used within the ovens, birthed new creatures, immune to heat.

The Burners were lightening up whenever they would've been near the Protonium Charcolate Crystal Ball - from which the Owners used particles to implant the Steampunk Crystal within the other Companions. Seeing this miracle, they decided to make it permanent, as now, Hobos could've get a Fire Pet able to keep them warm in the cold nights of Winter.

πŸ₯‡Gold: Owners really like shiny objects so it was one of their wishes to create Gold pets, for them being their signature creation. Later they find out that their ability of turning anything into gold would create very wealthy Hobos (in the future)

πŸ€–Robot One thing that was perfectly done before the Steampunk Pets came to exist, were the Robo Pets - initially created to help around the Lab with heavy lifting and precision work.

Some Hobos loved them so very much, that they end up adopting them after the Lab got disabled, as now, each living Hobo had a little friend to keep them company. So it was mission accomplished.

Owners did not stop there and created also:

πŸ”ΊRed - The perfect pet that will sense any natural calamity or potential danger before it happens; πŸ”·Blue - The ability to control water and procure it for our dear Hobos in the harshest summers; 🟑Yellow - The perfect source of light when you need it most as they could bright up like the sun; 🟩Green - Owners of green pets could now grow anything from food to guilty pleasures plants;

You could find a lot of special Pets, some were the "failures" that been created accidentally, pets that became the most famous in the Hobos community. We could see a Turtle Dog, a Banana Cat, a n Angel Bunny and more. We could even see the last Dragon egg that was probed to create the other baby dragons. And if you think an egg comes alone, you are mistaken as the Mama dragon did came to search for her egg and remained in the community to take care of the Baby dragons that owners created.

Feel free to write your own story about your pet and how it came to be.

The end (for now)

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