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This is a holders only drop collection with a limited supply of 289 NFTs NFTs are AI Generated and represent a Steampunk version of an ideal pet for Steampunk Hobos ☺️ As these have been AI generated and each one is a 1/1, the rarity of this collection is determined only by the body color/type and the cuteness. Each one is special and is as rare as the owner consider it to be 🧑

This is pure art collection and has no benefits other than the art itself. We have the following body color/type: - 420 - Blue - Bunny - Goblin - Gold - Radioactive - Rainbow - Yellow - Regular We also have few owners in there. Read more about the pets and owners in our little story we put up for this collection - The Story


Rarity and recommended to buy from: Rareboard Bit5 Trade: Element

The Story

It was the morning of a fine day in the Toxic Home yard, the smell of left overs from the power plant employee's last night Employee of the Month party in the back alley, in the garbage area was like the smell of a good coffee in the morning for our Hobos.

Hobos were fine, with no apparent injuries, but really scared at first. The portal was impressive, it looked like it was emerging from the barrel, made of fire and was having a wired toxic waste glow to it.

But Hobos are hobos, they looked at it for a while, drank some more, bite down on few left overs and eventually they start to find it fascinating, mesmerized by the beautiful toxic green glow. The portal was a door to an parallel universe.

So it did not take to long before some of them jumped trough the portal. It was like a door to the other side, so the jump happened in real time, no time traveling or anything like that happened. the landing was soft and pleasant, as the land was covered in a soft green grass like we see on the sports field. As they start to move around, they discovered a totally new world, green, quiet, evolved. The flies seemed to be little drones, not real flies, but still annoying as f... All insects looked similar but still had a metallic shine in some parts of the body. Even all this seemed different at first, somehow dip inside, they still felt like it is their home and they know the place.

And if you feel like home, what do you do? You start partying. Did not took long to find a house near by, almost in the same place as their usual cardboard house is. This house they found was mutated from a tree, in a tree, under a tree, not really sure how to describe it.

In rest, the place looked similar, the garbage bin was there, hanging clothes, power plant furnace, all in place. Exploring the house, they found some drinks, some food so it was a great opportunity for a party. One of them carry a banjo, so the singing begin. The noise attracted local animals, little cute creatures that where half machine half organic. Our Hobos were not at all impressed as the drinks they got where so strong, they felt no fear anymore. As the food was not enough they started to wonder in the back year going to search for a garbage bin or an restaurant building for some left over. They got so surprised when they found a garden full of vegetables similar looking to what they were used to.

The story Continues:

You are wondering why the little animals probed the hobos that night? Well, you see, all of them looked the same and very similar to their environment. You can consider them the steampunk version of a chameleon that can also change shape. Probing the environment or creatures in their path helped them transform their little bodies. Most off them start coloring their bodies in the same color as the Hobos they probed. Some even found a gold teeth and add gold elements to their body. It was an amazing scene of lights and colors around them while they were transforming.

The portal was not outside the barrel anymore. Was the size of the barrel opening, but still big enough for a full human size body to go trough. While hobos were in their houses with the families, telling their adventure story, from the barrel we could see some strange metallic, but human looking, creatures emerging.

These were the owners of those creatures trying to find them and get them back. or that we thought at first...

The way they moved around like they know where they are and where to go, did look a bit odd considering they just arrived here from the other universe...

Looking closer we could see that actually they had just a little left over of a normal Hobo in some parts of the body. It seems that in that universe you could "upgrade" your body for free at every street corner. A very small number of Hobos were so drunk, they just went nuts with the "upgrades" and now they just returning home.

The little creatures felt so safe around these new upgraded Hobos, that they considered them their owners.

So now our dear Hobos and Hobo Ladies will need to accept these new upgraded friends into their community and homes. hobos know what a hard life is and how it feels when you do not find your place, so they have no issue accepting them in their homes.

THE END... ?

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