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First set of raffles have been done on December 3rd.

Information in this documentation can be changed (improved) to update you with the latest info. Big changes will be decided with the community.

Weekly Steampunk Raffle - Each Steampunk Pets NFT is a raffle ticket for a weekly raffle where you can win NFTs from our Vault including NFTs from our own collections (List below). Nice chances here as the collection has only 289 supply.

Each Saturday (at random time) we will do the draw.

🏆 1 winner weekly

Weekly Pixel Sweeper raffle - Each HobosOnBSC Pets NFT is a raffle ticket to the weekly Pixel Sweeper NFT raffle. Each Pet gives you 1234 to 1 chance to win per week.

If same wallet wins 2 weeks in a row it will be taken out from the raffle for 6 weeks to give others a chance.

Each Saturday at 14:00 UTC the winner will be picked automatically by a TG Bot based on the Pet ID owned. We will randomly select one Pet ID and the holder will win the Pixel Sweeper.

🏆 1 winner weekly

As the main goal of holding a Pixel is to get a Squadie and better rank Pixels give you better chances (not by much, but more is more), for the start of the raffles I will select the Pixel for the prize from Pixels with rarity that is 5000 and up. Once we are done with those, we will then raffle 2000 to 5000 and once those are gone, the rest of best ones.

The prize will also be selected via Spinner wheel by inserting the Pixel IDs in the list and spin it.

Will continue to trade and get as many better rarity Pixels as I can but will never refuse a Bid on a good rank one that will provide us with the chance to buy another Pixel + other NFTs as well with that bid money. Extra NFTs will go to the other raffles NFT pots. Winner will be selected automatically using a VFX Bot that we pay a service fee of 0.01 BNB for every draw so we payed that for an year (Transaction here).

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