Minting info

The below information is not final, is a work in progress. Do not consider it final!

Supply allocation:

  • Holders that have Hobos with rarity between 1 to 1000, Ladies between 1 to 333 rarity or burned Hobos and/or Ladies within this rarity range will be airdropped the same NFT in their wallet upon request. The limit is 25 max per holder (if the case) This is the first stage of the Mint and the info is collected here Holders snapshot taken on Aug 17th when WL hunt started ❗These will be removed from the calculation of Free mint and WL spots allocation. ❗

  • Holders that did not burn any NFT when the burn session was on and still hold Hobos or Ladies will get a Free Mint per 10 NFT held, limited to 25 per Holder. The ones that hold from 5 to 14 NFT will get only 1 Free mint. Besides these free mints, each holder will get WL spot allocated. 1 WL spot per 2 Free mints. The ones that hold from 1 to 24 NFT will get only 1 WL spot.

  • Steampunk Pets holders that spent money on secondary to buy them, will receive 1 free mint per 0.02 BNB spent. This is to try and make up for the mess that happened (even if it was something out of our hands).

  • Holders that burned NFTs will receive 1 free mint spot per 3 burnt Hobos or Lady, limited to 30 max per holder for Ladies and 40 max per holder for Hobos. Besides these free mints, each 2 free mints received will also get 1 WL spot allocated.

  • The rest of the supply that will remain after all the above has been allocated will be allocated for public mint except for the WL spots reserved for marketing giveaways which is not a determined number.

  • Reserved 70 Free mints for the team and treasury

Mint info:

  • Stage 1: airdrops of the ones you like to keep as they are now

  • Stage 2: free mint 24h opened or will close when all free mints allocated are minted if done faster than 24h

  • Stage 3: WL spots mint (price TBA)

  • Stage 4: public mint (price TBA)

Funds distribution:

  • 15% to the team (dev, artist, mod, project funding)

  • 4% to the Buy back fund

  • 11% to the Weekly Giveaways

  • 20% to Token LP


Yeah, this probably is something new for you on Avax, but we do offer refunds for the mint in case you just want to get out of the project. If you decide this project is not for you, you can get refunds for your NFTs only in the first month from the moment mint starts. The refunds will be done as follows:

  • First week you will get 100% of the mint price back

  • Second week you will get 90% of the mint price back

  • Third week you will get 70% of the mint price back

  • Fourth week you will get 60% of the mint price back

To get a refund, you will need to return ALL the NFTs you minted (except the ones you sold already). ALL Cans you have will be removed from your wallet as well

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