ðŸĪžHobos Lottery

Please play responsible. We do not endorse gambling. Please play at your own risk and make sure you DO NOT play more than you are ready to loose.

We now offer a fun way to try your luck with our Lottery.

Lotteries can be found here - https://hobo-lottery.vercel.app

How it works?

  • Each Lottery has a 7 days time period in which you can buy tickets

  • Each ticket cost 0.001 BNB

  • There is no limit of how many tickets one wallet can buy

  • There are a max of 10000 tickets per draw

  • This is a one winner takes all type of lottery

  • 10% commission will be taken out of the winnings if a winner will be selected

  • The draw is started manually by Hobos Team

  • After a successful draw, the lottery start again automatically

  • If needed, after time expire, if there is a valid reason for it, refund can be done via contract as well.

Commission distribution

From BNB Lottery:

  • 100% of the commission will go to Hobos Vault

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