The below information is not final, is a work in progress. Do not consider it final!

Not that will need any utility, but we always like to give back and keep the community active and entertained.

Weekly Giveaways

Weekly giveaways for holders with 5 winners each week. Giveaway will be done in AVAX so at least you know you have something valuable as a prize. 10% of the Mint funds will be allocated for this. The giveaways will be planned for 104 weeks (2 years) from the moment we start the giveaways.

The giveaways will start the moment we reach 50% paid mints

Final pot

A final pot that will be distributed to holder based on this plan Food Cans Masters. Pot will start with 50% of the mint funds. Read all the details on it. The way we do it will NEVER need you to burn any Hobos ever again! Hobos are here to stay Forever on the chain!

Maybe more

As most of you know Hobos, it will always be something else eventually, but for now this is all you need to know

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