ðŸĨ°Hobos Forever

As Hobos will need to remain on chain, there will be a Hobos Forever collection. Mint details will be provided soon.

This one will have a revamped art of the Hobos and Hobo Ladies that will remain on the chain forever so Hobos will never be forgotten. We will take our time to redraw the traits for this one as it will be FOREVER on chain.

Launch June 2024

Collection Info:

The art

  • original art hobos that have rarity from 1 to 1000 (a google sheet will be available for all holders to claim their airdrop. It will be up for 1 month so all have time to claim it)

  • the rest of the collection will have 2 different main categories - Hobos and Ladies


Total supply is 10000, out of which:

  • 5000 Hobos

  • 5000 Ladies

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