Buy me Food Token


Supply: 50000 NFT minters 20% - 10000 (Each NFT minted will get 1 token) LP for NFT minters 15% - 7500 Token Presale 20% - 10000 Token presale LP 15% - 7500 ????? 30% - 15000


  • Buy 0%

  • Sell 2% - 1% LP and 1% Final Pot

NFT mint allocation

Each NFT minted will get also 1 token. More mints, more tokens. The airdrop will be done before the token launch, after presale ends.

❗Free mints will NOT get any tokens❗

Token presale

The presale will be done by sending funds to a wallet. We might use a platform like pinksale, not yet decided. There will be a hardcap to it to give a fix value per token.

Presale token value will be lower than the mint token value to incentivize the mint.

Any presale tokens that will remain if hardcap will not be reached will go to treasury and will be added to the 30% saved for the (TBA) plan


The marketing will be done by the community and there will be a reward system in place for those that will participate in the marketing. A Task Force will be created for it. More details on this soon.

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